PROEN Any Cloud is certified to providing Global-grade service


Just Code

Start from prototype to production without having to think about infrastructure.

Cost effective

Pay-as-you-Use pricing based on real consumption.

Future proof infrastructure

Strong deliver services to users with speed and reliability on Multi-Cloud environment.


PROEN Cloud is Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service to combine different infrastructure and cloud offerings within one platform.

It’s easy.

Easy creation of dev, test, production environment.

Fully Managed Automated Lifecycle.

Automated installation, scaling, replication and updates simplify the management.

Turbocharge innovation for to your business.

Our teams are here to manage any and every part of your cloud journey.

Worry free bandwidth cost

Free external bandwidth on PROEN TH Region

Ease to Deploy, Ease to Scale, Ease to Manage over Multi-Cloud, Pay per Use
Click Deploy Application Stack
Minute create Automatic Scale
Regions Available around the World
167 +
App on Marketplace

Pricing calculator

Calculator Configure and estimate the costs for PROEN Cloud products

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